New Icon Update 5

There are times when I contemplate if I made the right choice about switching servers. This is not one of those times. The Granado Espada Europe server has announced that Symphonia is coming this July; the first English speaking server to do so and not just Episode 1 but also Episode 2 simultaneously. We are also given decent events that everyone can enjoy like an Attendance Event and a Token Event unlike some other server that only caters event to those who can afford it but I digress.

Vanessa Hektor Nina Jaina Dupelecy

These are the latest icons from the new characters except for Nina which I don't think is included in the official version for now. I have noticed that IMC's development has staggered for Granado Espada. The pattern of having a promotional character for Lyndon’s Box every month has skipped a month. It may have something to do with focusing their effort in their other franchise since it have been recently released for international consumption and may need some more attention. Nevertheless, I think there have been some interesting developments lately like the Weapon/Ring Switcher as I have mentioned before and now, a great improvement on the Tooltip.

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