H Chronicles: 1st Entry

Two months have passed since me and my friends started playing in GEEU and I can honestly say I am enjoying the majority of what I am experiencing. A big part of the decision to play in GEEU was due to their ongoing "Gear-Up Your Spring Journey" which guarantees that a player will get 3 master characters after completing the Auch Questline. There was also another event that game me 3 pieces of both experimental weapons and armors.

I do appreciate it when they create specific web designs like this instead of just posting stuff on FB.

With these events, I was able to finish until Armonia Episode 1 in a span of two months after creation. I could’ve continued until episode 3 but I was kind of bored as I just did Armonia Episodes 2 to 5 after doing my thesis IRL and before I got randomly banned in sGE (another reason to give a middle finger to them).

With all the raid-pvp-bargain-skills I got from sGE, it is easier for me to start again. I am able focus on buying things that actually matter (I’m a total mess in the beginning years in sGE as I bought all the costumes and characters I can with the little vis I have). Though I wouldn’t apologize for buying that 300m Student President Ludin, I mean come on! It was like 5b in sGE and I didn’t get a chance to get one.

The economy here is quite good due to the absence of botters. You can get +7 AR 33 weapons for as low as 300m-600m, sell chips of all levels for decent values, get premium characters from 300m-1b (my brother bought a Cadet Lionel for 300m) and get stance rings from 5m-10m. The only downside is you have to pretty much tune your own gears as not so much weapons are being circulated.

The population is basically the same as sGE but continues to grow as I see new players in the noob-friendly-daily Priest of Fear raids I occasionally join. They seem nice too as I get to chat up some nice people before leaving the starter faction. Though of course it can’t be helped that there’s also the attention-whore ten year olds broadcasting non-sense trashtalks, but hey, it’s part of the fun.

I can’t wait to get settled in like I did in sGE here in GEEU. The updates seem faster here as well and I just heard somewhere that we’ll be getting the Syphonia episodes around July (I would be more excited if I was done with the Armonia hellish quest) . See you guys in-game~

~ H

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