Something You Might Not Know #5 - Channeling, Charging and Charged Skills

The release of patches and premium characters few episodes ago have introduced new skill mechanics in Granado Espada. Starting with the Bryan with her Seismic Wave and Pulverize skills to the recent modifications of old skills like Occult Magic's Breath of Fire and Electric Bluster in Baron's Pledge where they retroactively modified several skill with these new mechanics. These skill differ in how damage and effect is dealt and in the interest of clarity, I have borrowed terms from other games and have unofficially called them channeling, charging and charged skills.


Channeling skills involves dealing damage and effect in a periodic manner. Each interval of damage is independent so any damage mitigation or debuff chance is recalculated at every iteration. It's casting time is different from its duration where it can be cancelled abruptly on knockback. You can also cancel it anytime by recasting it during its duration but not casting time. It is very effective in PVE because monsters usually takes the whole duration's worth of damage. Some examples are Aclla's Leo and Scavenger Yeganeh's Remolreno as seen below.


Charging skills involves dealing damage and/or effect depending on how long it is casted. It can be released anytime by recasting it but damage and/or effect is only dealt once and both increases proportionally to the time it took to cast it. It can also be cancelled abruptly on knockback during cast time but won't go into cooldown. It is also very effective in PVE because monsters usually takes the whole duration's worth of damage. Some examples are Banshee Natalie's Deliberate Shot and Bryan's Pulverize as seen below.

Bonus Info: You can cancel a Charging Skill by pressing the Escape key anytime during charging. Your character will stop charging but it won't go into cooldown. Very effective on PVP when targets tends to be more slippery. Any item consumed for the skill will not be refunded.


Charged skills behaves the same way as ordinary skills with the only difference on how their cooldown works. You can use the skill repeatedly as long as there is a charge for it. The skill's remaining charge is indicated at its button. There are two kinds of charged skill. First is the one where it recharges immediately as long as the maximum number of charge for the skill is not reached but only one at a time regardless of charges consumed. The second is the one where it only recharges only after you have consumed all of the charges but it is recharged at the maximum immediately after recharging of the skill for one time. Some examples are Kurt's Appel and Riposte that demostrate each type of charged skill as seen below.


  1. Yes, I do think it is convenient to name these... charge-y things. It'll make it easier to discuss when talking about characters like them! Your blog has been helpful to me, many thanks! :)