Something You Might Not Know #1 - Target Information Window

Since I haven't been able to post anything lately, I thought I would periodically share some bits of Granado Espada tips and tricks that some players may not know about. I'll try to post something like this on a regular basis as soon as I come up with an idea worth sharing.

First up is the Target Information Window. Some may not know that aside from monster name, level and race, it also tells the monster's armor type whether it's soft, light or heavy. This is specially useful for Elite Brestia and Large Caliber users to easily and quickly identify a target's armor type and switch to the appropriate weapon. For example the figure below shows a Level 129 Light armored Daemon named Jurgen's Follower.

The three armor types also apply to players where robes and coats are considered soft, leather armors are light and metal armors are heavy armor type.

Soft Armor Light Armor Heavy Armor

A good mnemonic to think about is that heavy armor is the metal looking gray one with rivets around it assiciated with heavy machinery, the light armor is the bronze one with pattern that looks like the rays of the sun which is also associated with light in luminescence and the soft armor type is the one with the cross patterned stitching associated with soft clothing.

Unconfirmed: Since raceless objects in the game commonly associated with colony, gates and destructible objects have an armor type, it may be possible to inflict more damage to it with weapons enchanted with an option that grants additional damage for a specific armor type. It might be possible for weapons like Elite Brestia and Large Caliber Rifle to increase its damage to raceless type units although I haven't had the chance to test this idea myself.

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