New Icon Update 3

This post is two weeks late but still ahead of the game update. These are the new icons for Granado Espada which also enabled me to update Unreleased Pets. The fact that the update went on without a hitch although it was a forced update to fix a bug in the first place, makes me question if the game service is actually improving. A good reason for this tardiness was that I found a new vigor to this game. The latest updates enabled me to enjoy the game a little. I also updated Trainer's Vault which includes new stances and updates on old stances which had many changes over the course of time. I will also update Adventurer's Compendium, Cartographer's Desk and Pioneer's Daily Memo if I find time in my busy schedule. As a side note, I find it baffling that the defensive version of Lynn is the one not wearing the heavy armor and vice versa. I think it's aesthetically confusing.
Lynn Herberthe Silver Flare Lynn Evil Machina Kevin Truman

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