New Icon Update 8

Seems weird to greet everyone for the year since it has been a whole month but happy new year nonetheless. I have previously said that I designed this blog to be able to be useful while not having the need to be updated each and every time and I think I have succeeded at that. Granted some parts are very outdated, it is still very useful for most people specially the ones that are not far off the current version.

I have been updating some things here and there but some parts I guess needs heavy updates like the Adventurer's Compendium. I still update things from time to time like Prestigio Mundial where it has come a long way. I have also recently updated the Trainer's Vault since a lot of stances have been added since then and a lot has been requesting it. Anyway, as always, below are the new icons for characters that can be used to update the Daily Memo.

Joshua Baselrane Queen Sereni Scavenger Diego Fero Nena Kael Ru Pey White Wolf Lady Rachel Lead Manager Rachel

Crusader Daria Rubiana Illisia Eileen Lada Arbitrator Berthe Executor Anise Doom Slave