Pioneer's Daily Memo Updated 1.9

Updated Pioneer's Daily Memo with the following changes:

• Remade Surveyor to present characters in different barracks..
• Fixed and updated seed data.

In an event that I think could have been worse, the blog's template and the daily memo broke all of a sudden. I still don't know what could be the reason the blog's template suddenly broke but the daily memo broke because google stopped it's web hosting support which I painfully discovered a few days ago. I transfered the hosting somewhere else and hopefully it all works out.

I have also updated Family Level Calculator to look more like the barracks for easier sorting and organization. It might still have some bugs but I had to push it early since the blog and particularly the daily memo have been broken as I have mentioned earlier.

New Icon Update 6

In case anyone was wondering, I have been busy with work and with actually playing the game. I made this blog to last long without me having to constantly post but to just present helpful tools and guides to pioneering in Granado Espada. Hopefully most information I presented are still good and relevant. I have recently updated Prestigio Mundial but it is still lacking most of the time consuming and infeasible achievements. I don't think I can finish it all but I will update the ones I do.

As I have mentioned, I was busy actually playing the game and I admit the recent events like Family Growth Support Event, Hot Summer Colection 2016, Crafted Double Payout Event and Special Enhancement Event have kept me busy and happy. The decision to switch servers was a good one and thanks to the GEEU team for doing a better job. Here are the new icons for those who are using the Daily Memo.

Bloody Navy Kano Supreme Commander Kano Aclla Banshee Natalie