Bienvenido a Mi

Greetings fellow pioneers!
I am officially welcoming myself to the world of posting "shit" about Granado Espada.
 (by shit I mean random opinions by yours truly)

To sum up the Hildairre family. I am a: full time angel, costume enthusiast, half-assed raider, under priced customer, collector of whore-ish characters, and a backstabbing bitch.

The angel that is me

Of course I won't claim to be the perfect player. But everyone is free to ask me random in-game questions like "Where the f*ck do I get veteran chips?" or "How the f*uck do I equip sword on Emilia?". I would gladly answer those questions. But for Christ's sake, don't beg and say "Anything is fine". You know what? If you're begging and don't even know what you need, I can't help you. For the really new players, I am actually awesome if I do say so myself. I just actually give 1 million vis and some advice like buy cresmento equips and yada yada yada.

Anyway, if you PMed me and I didn't reply it's either I'm eating and watching the Simpsons on a loop or I'm totally having an off day and I don't feel like lifting a finger to type.

The costume hoarder

I actually started playing the game because of the Medieval/Renaissance/Fantasy theme and one thing that's good about this theme is the amazing wardrobe. I try to collect specific costumes (both body and weapon) for each character and try to mix it up to produce unique looks. I'll try to post some OOTD's of my characters and do some shit like "fashion police-ing" the ugly ones. 

The half-assed raider

Well one sure-fire way to enjoy the game is to do raids with some friends. I do occasional raids like everyone else and does it according to my mood. I mean yeah, earning vis is important but if you're not having fun in the process I think you're doing the gaming thing wrong. That's why I don't force myself to do stuff I don't want. I also do random pvp (fixed mode is awesome) especially if it doesn't clash with the raids.

 Under priced buyer

I know some cash spammers were pissed at buyers like me but hey, not everyone earns vis through cash spamming so we might as well save every vis we can right? I mean I don't totally buy cheap (there are instances where the sellers PM me at random asking me if I am still buying cause they are selling - wtf dude make up your mind, LMAO kidding). I usually buy the price which I though is appropriate (I mean lyndon characters were 800m each during the first 5 months or so). Now every character is 2b above and so rare while vets are dropping like the Stark Family. Oh well, just don't sell it to me if you don't want to, simple.

 My whores

Yeah you heard me. I usually buy the pretty girl characters (which is most of them, where are the freaking armored, full-bellied men). Can't wait for the summer costumes for Nena and Lynn, even if the renaissance wardrobe is totally dying, I still like it LOL.
and lastly, amabtch.
I'm pretty opinionated and shit, just ignore if it bothers you.

PS. The screenshot was taken years ago, it's kind of nostalgic to see Reboldoeux before it became a botter city/selling point.
 PPS. Oh I was playing like for around 6 years now minus the months of hiatus and trying out other MMORPGs.
PPPS. Say no to botting and other illegal shit.
PPPPS. Wow Congratulations on finishing this.

New Icon Update 3

This post is two weeks late but still ahead of the game update. These are the new icons for Granado Espada which also enabled me to update Unreleased Pets. The fact that the update went on without a hitch although it was a forced update to fix a bug in the first place, makes me question if the game service is actually improving. A good reason for this tardiness was that I found a new vigor to this game. The latest updates enabled me to enjoy the game a little. I also updated Trainer's Vault which includes new stances and updates on old stances which had many changes over the course of time. I will also update Adventurer's Compendium, Cartographer's Desk and Pioneer's Daily Memo if I find time in my busy schedule. As a side note, I find it baffling that the defensive version of Lynn is the one not wearing the heavy armor and vice versa. I think it's aesthetically confusing.
Lynn Herberthe Silver Flare Lynn Evil Machina Kevin Truman