Gloriosa Conquista

As a commemoration of my new adventure in another world, I have compiled links to every guide I have used/remember on quests for Granado Espada. As I will be doing it all over again, I can attest for their usefulness through this journey even if some quests have been revised over time.

List of Content:

To Another World

Admiring Cite de Reboldoeux' Architecture and Festive Decor

We're Back! 

New Icon Update 4

I know it has been a long time since my last update but an unfortunate event in the game has put me in a long hiatus. Nevertheless, I am temporarily back for minor updates since a few have requested it. These are the new icons for Granado Espada RNPCs accumulated during my absence. I have also updated Trainer's Vault which includes new stances although keep in mind that the updates are from external sources and not from experience. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get around updating Adventurer's Compendium so I wouldn't expect it to be accuracte to the latest updates.
Leona Vernier Code Name L Sariel Weasley Reaper Sariel Judith Empyrium Judith Risky

Amy Shausen Cadet Amy Juliana Constans Neo Dietrich Herberthe Consul Dietrich