Released Warden's Bane

Released Warden's Bane which can be viewed here. It is a guide on Tigres Prison which is a high end raid featuring a series of dungeon each one having a set of objectives the team needs to finish in order to get to the next one. It is a guide in development which started a few months ago and now released to the public.

Arma Bendita de Armonia

The Armonia series are weapons and armor originating from Armonia. Made from the metal Harmonium which can be found throughout Armonia, its original purpose was for the crusaders to combat the Abyss. With the rising darkness, pioneers must equip themselves and once again prepare for the Holy War.

Unlike the Elite Brestia weapon series, the Armonia weapon series once again can contain racial enchantment but no Trigger nor ATK Rating enchantment. It can also contain Penetration and Status points. It can also be temporarily blessed that grants additional effects. The Armonia armor series on the other hand grants a default 5% attack type damage reduction depending on the type of armor and can also again be enchanted with DEF Rating option but no Trigger.

The Armonia series can only be equipped by High Masters, can be enchanted with Expert Enchantment Chip and preserved by Impervium: High Master.