Censo Familiar

The family represents your game presence replacing the convention of having a single avatar. The family can consist of many different members which can be recruited throughout the game. Up to three characters can be controlled at a time and can be any combination of the family's members. Each character has his/her own attributes and story. The family shares everything be it experience or items working together for the family's different exploits.

The Barracks

Also known as the quarters, it represents your family's homestead and acts as a roster before entering the world. Each barrack can hold up to nine members of the family. The player can unlock additional barracks and have a maximum of eighteen barracks. This means a family can consist of a hundred and sixty-two members. You can also manage your equipment and form teams at the barracks among other things.

The Family Level

The family level represents the overall quality of the family. Each member's level corresponds to points which is calculated to produce the family level. A higher family level gives more benefits to the family's attribute. Each unique character will have a 20% bonus to its point. The character with the highest level will be given the bonus points. A Family Level Calculator is available in the Pioneer's Daily Memo.

Pioneer's Daily Memo Updated 1.6

Updated Pioneer's Daily Memo with the following changes:

• Added Surveyor.
• Added new character seed data.
• Modified existing character seed data.
• Modified Mission Visibility setting.
• Modified progress bar calculation.
• Fixed Reminder's style.
• Tweaked dialog boxes.

Character List's Names on the Collector Tab must be updated in order for Surveyor's Character drop-down list to work properly. (This can be done by appending something like "(M)" or "(F)" for characters available with either gender.)

Alquimista Desesperación

Alchemy is a game function useful for transforming useless miscellaneous items to useful ones. At the right time and strategy, you can even gain profit from it. Alchemy can be done at the Alchemy Table which is accessible in Byron right besides Veronif. You will need three distinct alchemy material which is graded from 0 to 5. The alchemy material's grades are added to form the total alchemy grade. Higher alchemy grade means better reward. An additional payment in vis can payed per transmutation to increase the total grade by one.

Most of the information below are taken from Jupath and DelKreuz. I just want a consolidated view for my own use.

Alchemy Materials:

Grade 5 Grade 3 Grade 2 Grade 0 Grade 0
Elementium Glacial Lily Strange Mineral A Lump of Jade Golden Egg Fruit
Kryptonite Head of a Mantis Strange Spring Bear's Nail Golden Fruit
Time of Toothed Wheel Old Chess Piece Strange Tube Black Cloth Gray Feather
Outlaw's Cigar Black Sap Ice Crystal
Grade 4 Peace Insignia Grade 1 Black Steel Ice Rufus Reaper's Wing
Celemantis Juice Poison Wasp Sting Bone Stick Blue Sap King Crab Claws
Gluttony Spine Royal Insignia Bone Piece Blue Stone Lapis Lazuli
Hilt of Old Sword Snail Skin Green Leaf of Rafflesia Cabosse Large Starfish
Rabbit's Liver Telescope Hill Giant Summon Stone Cockatrice Feather Lazim-lam's Scale
Red Jewel Fragment Zebra Skin Horse Nail Diamond Ore Maid Costume Piece
Stone of Soul Snake Skin Mustang Core Dragonfly Silk Malachite
Unicorn Horn Stalactite Piece Nightsoil Dress piece Marble Stone
Red Leaf of Rafflesia Dried Maroon Grass Molar of the Yeti
Grade 3 Grade 2 Rhodolite Piece Ebony Tree Philosopher's Stone
A Marksman's Magic Bullet Dragon Horn Rusty Blade Piece Elgum's Horn Silver Splinter
Devil's Whisper Dragon Leather Treasure Core Elviot's Leather Snow Quartz
Earth Fragment Pebbles Uliginous Flora Empty Bottle Spool of Ice Thread
Flame Stone Strange Clock Equipment Yellow Leaf of Rafflesia Food of Capybara Tangled Fur
Frost Stone Strange Cogwheel Fragment of Ice Tyrannos's Teeth
Gale Stone Strange Hinge Golden Apple Wolf's Fur

Acquisition Notes:

  • Most materials can be acquired from various fields.
  • Elementium can be acquired from doing Nena and Sierra's daily quests.
  • Kryptonite can be acquired from Ancient Castilla, Temple.
  • Time of Toothed Wheel can be acquired from Clock Tower raid and related daily quest.
  • Observe caution when using rare materials as it may have some more important use.
  • Some materials are needed to complete various quests, some are used for cooking and some for crafting artifacts.
  • Rabbit's Liver is especially rare and very valuable for Ustiur Farm.