Explorer's Reference

The Explorer's Reference is a collection of guides throughout the blog and a list of links related to all things related to Granado Espada. The list is divided into two whether it's the internal links or external links.

Internal Links

  • Tigres Prison Guide
      A guide for Tigres Prison raid.
  • Pet Comparison
      A compilation of all pets and their abilities available for GEEU, GEO and kGE.
  • Unreleased Pets
      A compilation of all pets and their abilities available for jGE and twGE.
  • Alchemist's Despair
      A comprehensive list of materials for alchemy and all alchemy transmutation rewards.
  • Family Census
      A brief explanation of Granado Espada's family system and experience table.
  • Blessed Weapon of Armonia
      A complete guide for producing Armonia weapons, armors and accessories.
  • Quest Gallery
      A gallery of images presented throughout the story of Granado Espada.
  • Glorious Conquest
      A compilation of guides from external sources for questing most of Granado Espada.
  • World Prestige
      A table containing all available achievements for Granado Espada including the conditions and rewards.
New Icon Update
Something You Might Not Know
  1. Target Information Window
  2. Divine Bless
  3. World Return Sheet
  4. Dump of the New World
  5. Channeling, Charging and Charged Skills

External Links

Granado Espada SEA Official Website - [Dead]
The ONLY MMORPG that allows unique multi-character control gameplay allowing gamers to control 3 character simultaneously coupled with amazing art style!
Hellena's Circus of Fate - [Dead]
Hellena's Circus of Fate converts your time online in Granado Espada into tickets where you can trade them for some in-game freebies! Challenge your fate in a card game with Hellena and win exclusive items.
Panfilo's Potluck - [Dead]
Panfilo has created many dishes since the beginning of his restaurant in Reboldoeaux. He has now covered all his dishes and hidden a special surprise in each one. You get to choose 1 dish out of 3 covered dishes. If you are lucky, you can get top equipment and recipes from him!
Granado Espada South Korea Official Website
거침없는 멀티 액션! 전략 RPG의 매혹! 격이 다른 3D 액션 RPG - 전세계 3000만명과 함께하는 인기 MMORPG 그라나도 에스파다
Granado Espada US Official Website
Being played by over 30 million worldwide, Granado Espada Online offers unique gaming experience. Choose from over 100 characters and control 3 characters at the same time.
Granado Espada EU Official Website
Granado Espada Europe - 3D matsterpiece MMORPG Serviced by EuroGamez. GEEU will be serviced in Pan-Europe by English, German and French languages. Other languages will be also considered in the future.
Jupath (The Wordwood)
This site is the successor to the pages previously found at The Wordwood. Please be aware, however, that the new owner does not actually play the game, so there may be errors and/or omissions. It features characters, stances, items, maps, etc. directly from the database presented elegantly.
Ashardalon (Starstorm)
A blog with vast amount of anything Granado Espada related including patch notes, mission guides and server news. It is also a useful hub to other blogs and site related to pioneering. There are also recent quest guides to compliment the missing guides on the Book of Madness.
Overbleed - [Dead]
This site contains the latest and most extensive Granado Espada database for kGE, sGE, GEO and GEEU including item, monster and roulette data. It also contains various helpful guides, tips and tricks for Granado Espada not found anywhere else.
Book of Madness - [Discontinued]
A blog presenting basic character information, alliance war guide, etc. The blog is not updated anymore but still have the most comprehensive guide for older quests presenting it in a very easy to follow manner. It also has a "Which skill not to max?" guide which was one of the basis for Trainer's Vault.
Sword of the New World Wiki
A wiki for Granado Espada back when it was known in the US as Sword of the New World. The database and guides are very old and barely updated anymore but it still can be a source of information both for old game mechanics and nostalgia purposes.
Fatsnake (Chinese)
以下所有關於online game『王者之劍R』文章/攻略及更新資訊 皆由小弟從全球GE同好網站/blog/討論區等等集中整合、轉載翻譯及引用整理而成, 文章內容、修正及擴展部份有可能不定時作更新。 The blog is in Chinese but the updates comes fast along with various kGE updates.
Blue Moon Waltz (Chinese) - [Discontinued]
這裡是Blue Moon Waltz,目前僅用來對Granado Espada韓國伺服器的資料作筆記,現在暫以最新開放的編入角色與相關姿勢作最優先更新。 The blog is also in Chinese but the updates comes relatively fast along with kGE's updates for characters and their stances.
Granado Espada JP Wiki (Japanese)
MMORPG Granado Espada(グラナド・エスパダ)のWikiです。 A wiki for Granado Espada with most informative and complete guides. Unfortunately it is in Japanese and jGE has strayed far from the original mechanics of the game so take it with a grain of salt.
Granado Espada Database (Russian) - [Dead]
База знаний по игре Granado Espada. A basic collection of information including characters, stances, etc. It is in russian and information is somewhat redundant with other site but I still included it here base solely on the cool presentation of the site.

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