Armonia Final Episode Released

Armonia Final Episode has been released in sGE server yesterday. That is v22.85.70 - v23.97.53, patch notes can be found here. Considering that it's a fairly big patch, I was surprised there was no major problem except for the market manager bug which was fixed a few hours later. So far the minor bugs I see are not game breaking bug but rather annoying ones like reverting family attribute, cleared quest list every map change and mismatched pioneering quests. (I gave up on game typo and discontinuity a long time ago.)

This post is also a reminder that since some major change has happened to raids, some parts of Adventurer's Compendium is rendered inaccurate. I'll try to update things as soon as I can although I will be busy for the next few to several days recruiting two saints and one magician. Updates to the blog will be show on Quick Updates below.