Added Trainer's Vault

Added Trainer's Vault which can be viewed here. It is a list of different expert stances and a suggestion of what not to max from their skill set.

- Vilmharr

Pioneer's Daily Memo Updated 1.4

Updated Pioneer's Daily Memo with the following changes:

• Added Memoir.
• Added import/export of data.
• Added message for alarm for easier snoozing.
• Added new raid seed data.
• Modified Red color theme.
• Converted seed character image to data uri.
• Combined scripts.
• Tweaked table design.
• Tweaked versioning style.

Pioneer's Daily Memo Updated 1.3

Updated Pioneer's Daily Memo with the following changes:

• Modified countdown display.
• Tweaked character dialog icon textbox.
• Added separate versioning.

Pioneer's Daily Memo Updated 1.2

Updated Pioneer's Daily Memo with the following changes:

• Added Reminder.
• Added Reset Settings for advanced controls.
• Fixed editing raid resetting current count.
• Tweaked table width and horizontal rule height.
• Tweaked advanced setting labels.
• Fixed advanced setting initialization.

Pet Comparison

Here is a list of pets and their ability. This provides a practical way to compare the pet's capabilities. Judging by numbers alone, Divino seems to be the best for competitive raiding, Arctic Wolf for competitive solo raiding, White Tiger for tanking and Acorchado for PVP. Most information are from firsthand experience although some are just research.

Pet AR DR ATK Monster
DEF RES Damage
Max HP &
HP Recovery
Diablo +1 +1 +5% +5 -10% +5 +5 +5 +10% Buff Lv.12 Divine Bless
Rhinoceuros +1 +5 +10 -10% +20
Divino +20% +10% +10 +5,000
Sabre Tiger +20% +5 +10 Healer
Arctic Wolf +15% -5% +5 +10 +10 +10% Healer
Black Dragon +15% +5 +10 +10 +10% Healer
Gold Dragon +15% +5 +10 +10 +10% Healer
Elephant +10% +10% +5 +10 Healer
Acorchado +20 +10 +5 +10,000
Red Ball +5% +5% +0
Red Tiger +10% +10 +5 +5 +5 +10% Healer
Yellow Tiger +10% +10 +5 +5 +5 +10% Healer
Black Tiger +10% +5 +10 +10% Healer
White Tiger +10 -10% +5 +10% Healer
Noble Popo +10% +10 +10 +10% +10,000
Red Popo +10% +5 +5 +10% +5,000
Snow Golem +7% +7 +3 +3 +3 +10% Healer

Pet Main
King of Greed Looter
Snail Looter
Rudolph Healer
Santa Grabber Looter
Rabbit Buff +30% EXP/Stance EXP/Drop Rate
Crabby Buff +10% Stance EXP Looter
Phobitian Buff +10% EXP/Stance EXP/Drop Rate Looter
Capyleader Buff +10% EXP/Stance EXP/Drop Rate Looter
Cockatrice Buff +10% EXP/Stance EXP/Drop Rate Looter
Pigling Looter
Panpan Buff +20% EXP/Stance/Drop Rate Healer
Fortune Cat Buff Lv.11 Intensify/Fortify, Lv.10 Divine Bless Healer
Broomy Buff Lv.8-11 Intensify/Acceleration/Meditation Healer
Pilfurr Looter
Koko Looter

Pioneer's Daily Memo Updated 1.1

Updated Pioneer's Daily Memo with the following changes:

• Added White color theme. Changed default color theme to White.
• Added sort highlighting on Project table.
• Added miscellaneous messages.
• Improved refresh/sort table performance.
• Tweaked Item Dialog price input.
• Tweaked table width and signature line height.
• Fixed Extraneous status ordering.

Added Adventurer's Compendium

Added Adventurer's Compendium which can be viewed here. It is a list of activities you can do in the World of Granado Espada. Previously only used in the making of Pioneer's Daily Memo, it is now a compilation of every raid/quest in the game. It also includes a brief explanation and notable things involved. Field raids have some boss missing from several location like Kielce, Night, Resistance's Hideout and Kielce, Training Center(Night). Will also be adding images from time to time.

- Vilmharr

Welcome to Viva Vespanola

A blog whose primary purpose is for this. If you have come this far and found it, feel free to use it. It is at its beta stage and will be updated/tinkered constantly.

- Vil