Symphonia Ep. 1 and 2 - Patch Notes

With Symphonia Episode 1 and 2 fast approaching, I wanted to prepare a little bit about the changes coming. I would complain about the format of which they give out the patch notes but I think they deserve some credit with actually bothering with the patch notes. Instead, I decided to format the patch note myself and in a more digestible form, reordering by importance, changed some grammar and corrected some typo.

The original patch notes are linked as folllows: Here are part 1 and part 2 in case you prefer to read it as is.

Symphonia Episode 1 & 2 - v25.90.29 ~ v26.60.82

New Icon Update 5

There are times when I contemplate if I made the right choice about switching servers. This is not one of those times. The Granado Espada Europe server has announced that Symphonia is coming this July; the first English speaking server to do so and not just Episode 1 but also Episode 2 simultaneously. We are also given decent events that everyone can enjoy like an Attendance Event and a Token Event unlike some other server that only caters event to those who can afford it but I digress.

Vanessa Hektor Nina Jaina Dupelecy

These are the latest icons from the new characters except for Nina which I don't think is included in the official version for now. I have noticed that IMC's development has staggered for Granado Espada. The pattern of having a promotional character for Lyndon’s Box every month has skipped a month. It may have something to do with focusing their effort in their other franchise since it have been recently released for international consumption and may need some more attention. Nevertheless, I think there have been some interesting developments lately like the Weapon/Ring Switcher as I have mentioned before and now, a great improvement on the Tooltip.

H Chronicles: 1st Entry

Two months have passed since me and my friends started playing in GEEU and I can honestly say I am enjoying the majority of what I am experiencing. A big part of the decision to play in GEEU was due to their ongoing "Gear-Up Your Spring Journey" which guarantees that a player will get 3 master characters after completing the Auch Questline. There was also another event that game me 3 pieces of both experimental weapons and armors.

I do appreciate it when they create specific web designs like this instead of just posting stuff on FB.