Something You Might Not Know #2 - Divine Bless

Regeneration has always been a neglected part of Granado Espada. With potions being dirt cheap (up until you need the expensive ones) and easy lifesteal (even sp regen on hit a while back), regen can be ignored completely. While you may spend your whole game lifespan not concerning with regeneration, it is actually an integral part of raiding for tankers and flyers although this topic is more about a specific type of improved regeneration called Divine Bless Level 12.

It is not a big secret but actually rarely used by many is a wonderful thing that happens when you buff yourself with Divine Bless Level 12. It grants regeneration even on knockdown and flying stances. It is also very useful when tanking on Protection Field and Invinsibility as these skill prohibits item usage. It might not look like a big thing but it actually does make life very much easier specially for tanking and flying particularly the triple Whole Cancellation teams.
Divine Bless is a skill from Tactical Assistance Stance mostly for supporting characters including the generic Scout, Emilia, Elisa and Soho. It increases HP and SP regeneration albeit minimally it is still very useful for raids or pvp where potions are disabled like the World Cross PVP. Elisa's Therapy can also buff Divine Bless not only to the team but also the whole squad with the Demental and Dephysical skill.

Divine Bless Demental Dephysical

Unconfirmed: There are also pets that provide regeneration equivalent to Divine Bless Level 12 although I'm not sure if they provide the same benefits. And even though it is unrelated to Divine Bless mechanism, there seems to be an anomally when you try to compare damage to characters with the same total defense where one is using Protection Field and the other one isn't. Protection Field seems to provide more protection than just additional 80 defense as advertised. This can easily be tested by equipping high DEF armors against low DEF equip with Protection Field but I'm too lazy to try it.

P.S. There are 97 days to go before Christmas at the time of this post, thus the snow theme.

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