To Another World

Admiring Cite de Reboldoeux' Architecture and Festive Decor

We're Back! 

We apologize for not updating the site as often as we could. The incident that our previous post was referring to the random ban wave that hit sGE last December 2015. Sadly, my account and a close friend's were included in the process without knowing why. Even though my two brothers' accounts are fine, it seems pointless to play when we're not together.

Apparently, there's a server that's been slowly gaining popularity --- GEEU (Europe Server). I decided to try it out once I saw other GE related blogs (specifically Verric's & Turkis') indirectly advertising it. Comments like "Currently the Best English Server", "Regularly Updated", and "Decent Economy" piqued my interest.

Why return to Granado Espada?

  • For an old game, it has one of the smoothest, most beautiful graphics I have ever encountered in my years of game-hopping. (Starting towns alone are screenshot worthy.)
  • The Renaissance theme is intriguing as well as the story line. (Having invested 4-5 years in sGE, I am curious to know where the f*ck Jurgen is going, Will we see Queen Esperanza at all, What will happen to the Emilia-Gertrude love-ish-thingy-story, and more.)
  • The recruit-able characters is the best part and having the option to mix them up. (Although truth be told, the newly designed characters over shadows the old ones except for the utility ones. I hope they redevelop some old ones like they did with Karjalainen, Panfilo, etc. with new stances and costumes.)
  • Just for the nostalgia and rediscovering the new world.
  • Because friends are also trying it out with us.
  • Playing it until Tree of Savior is released. (Though I will still play EuGE but on my own pace.)
  • And Lastly, F*ck sGE.

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