New Icon Update 7

Four months have passed and a lot of things have happened. Perhaps the most noteworthy is sGE server's closing down. It is an end of an era and a very sad ending to one of the places I have spent most of my online time. Although I had many complains through the years and certainly much more in its decline, it did very well in its early to mid years. Lots of great events and lots of wonderful memories. Goodbye sGE.

But with another server's passing came the glorious opportunity for other servers. Hordes of now serverless players are coming to other servers looking for another place to belong. Unsurprisingly, GEEU has welcomed them in open arms judging by the extension of Bloody Navy Cano - 11th Anniversary Event to the point of abuse and the Amazing EXP Event aimed at new players. Another point of interest perhaps for the new players is the semi-permanent Gear Up Your Spring Journey Event that has been extended yet again for the whole year.

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